Once you have joined the Gold Coast Pistol Club, your membership covers all your coaching, gun hire, targets, patches and even a free cup of coffee. The only thing you pay for is the ammunition that you use. Coaching starts Saturday morning at 8.30am, and you are taught the correct way use a firearm.

Fun shoots are held every Sunday morning from 9.30am

Once you have completed the basics, you will be introduced to the various disciplines held on our 9 ranges and  you can then have decide which discipline you like, or this may be more than one. You will be introduced to the discipline captain of the discipline and they will continue the coaching from there. You may decide you want to dress and shoot like the old style cowboys, so western action match will be where you would be further coached.

The Olympic disciplines may suit you better, and you will be coached further in this discipline. the whole idea is to have a good time, and that means finding what you like and doing it, and we are here to help you do just that. You may have aspirations to go to the Olympic games, and we have the coaches here to enable you to do just that. If private coaching is what you want, that can also be arranged for a small fee.

For more information contact Kate by emailing from this page or by calling her on 07 55395984