Next Safety Course

Queensland Training Centre does weapons safety courses for Gold Coast Pistol Club for category A,B,C,D, H & M. You will need to ring 0418723269 and make an appointment and collect or have reading material emailed prior to the course.
You may contact them from the contact us on this site.
Prior to doing the course you need to get a unique student Identification number.
To do this go to and apply. Please bring the printed form with you

Next Sunday course is Sunday 17th December, at 10.00am for A, B and H and then Sunday 7th January, again at 10.00am

They are now doing evening courses fortnightly, the next one of these will be Thursday 21st December at 6.00pm, and then  Thursday 11th January, again at 6.00pm

Courses are held every month, but the course can be arranged at a time to suit you. The statement of attainment required for your weapons license is available 2 days after the completion of the course.
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