Rifle Matches

The firearm categories are very detailed, with each having its own classes and subsections. The rifle events are shot from the offhand, cross-sticks/prone, bench rest and sometimes kneeling/sitting positions

Air Rifles

Air rifles use compressed air to shoot the projectile. This can be accomplished with compressed gas, pneumatic, pump or spring piston type systems. Air rifles of .177” (4.5mm) calibre are designated for indoors events, however .22” calibre may be used for silhouette.


Benchrest shooting is a rifle sport, where the shooter attempts to place five or ten shots into the smallest possible group at a distance of 50 meters. Rifles are fired from rests which comprise a front rest to support the fore-end of the rifle, and a rear sandbag to support the butt.

Combined Services

The aims and objectives are to encourage organised competitive shooting with a view towards a better knowledge of the safe handling and the proper care of military firearms, and caters for either original or faithful reproduction military firearms.

Field Rifle and 3-4 Positional

Field Rifle is a match designed around the most commonly utilised hunting positions simulated under rifle range conditions. 3-4 Positional is a precision match which is a bit more target orientated and more testing of the shooter’s ability.

Lever Action

Lever Action match is unique to the SSAA and may utilise any lever action rifle with a wood stock (two piece for Classic Calibre). Targets vary from the 50 metre international target to paper silhouette targets of feral animals.