Celebrated 50 Years in 2013


The club offers members the opportunity to participate in matches in a wide range of disciplines including:

  • Air pistol, as seen at the Olympic and Commonwealth Games. This match is shot from 10 metres using .177 calibre air pistols and is a great way for new shooters (and even experienced ones) to improve their accuracy.
  • ISSF (International Sport Shooting Federation) a range of events as seen at the Olympic and Commonwealth Games, from .177 air pistol (outlined above) to .38 centrefire, with the emphasis on precision.
  • IPSC (International Pistol Shooting Confederation) – known as practical pistol, this is a test of speed and accuracy over a series of ‘stages’. It’s fun and fast moving – just try not to hit the penalty targets!
  • NRA – Action Match, a dynamic match shot from a variety of positions (standing/lying prone) from barricades and mats using .38 Super or 9mm semi automatic pistols or .38 special/.357 magnum revolvers.
  • Western Action, using modern reproductions of the types of firearms that helped tame the wild west – single action revolver, lever action rifle and shotgun. You can come as you are or join the posse of fancy dressers turned out as cowboys, gunslingers and saloon girls.
  • Black powder, using replicas of the cap and ball style pistols from the 1800s. It’s a blast – literally. Be prepared to get your hands dirty (it’s not called black powder for nothing) and to have a load of fun.
  • Small bore rifle, with our 50-metre pistol range doubling as a .22 calibre rifle range.