Celebrated 50 Years in 2013

ISSF – Olympic Pistol


Olympic Pistol events consist of:

10m Air Pistol
25m Sport Pistol (.22 calibre)
25m Centre Fire Pistol (.32 to .38 calibre)
25m Rapid Fire Pistol (.22 calibre)
50m Free Pistol (.22 calibre)

Positions: Pistol shooters use a standing position and must hold and fire the gun with one hand, with the wrist clearly free of support.
Pistol sights: Only “open” sights are permitted. The open sights consist of a post or blade sight at the front and the notch at the rear. Optical, mirror, telescope, laser beam or electronically projected dot, sights are prohibited. The rear sight usually has fine adjustments for windage and elevation.

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