Retiree’s Matches

Wednesday Afternoons @ GCPC

A dedicated band of veteran shooters holds matches on Wednesday afternoons, welcoming newcomers of all ages and abilities.

There's always something for everybody!

Veterans & Seasoned Shooters

Many of these club members are retirees, but you don’t need to be a retiree to join the fun of the regular round-robin of nine matches, such as barricades.

Matches start at noon on Wednesdays, you will need to be at the clubhouse no later than 11.30am to sign up and meet the crew.

Are you a born cowboy/cowgirl?

The veterans also have a cowboy/cowgirl fast draw at 9am on Wednesdays. This fun and fast paced match uses wax projectiles and a .45 Long Colt single action revolver. See if you can be quick on the draw, firing from a holster at an electronic target, Fastest time wins!!!

What’s a “Quickdraw” match?

Take a look at the explainer video to the right, this match takes quite a bit of skill and practice to achieve a great time. This match is a part of our Western Action discipline series where we have specialised events based around a "Wild West" theme.