Celebrated 50 Years in 2013

Retirees Matches

A dedicated band of veteran shooters holds matches on Wednesday afternoons, welcoming newcomers of all ages and abilities. Many of these club members are retirees, but you don’t need to be a retiree to join the fun of the regular round-robin of nine matches, such as barricades, shown in this video (link to barricades video) . As matches start at noon on Wednesdays, you will need to be at the clubhouse no later than 11.30am to sign up and meet the crew.

The veterans also have a cowboy fast draw at 9am on Wednesdays. This fun and fast paced match uses wax projectiles and a .45 Long Colt single action revolver. See if you can be quick on the draw, firing from a holster at an electronic target, as seen in this video (link here to video). Fastest time wins.