Limited Club Specials and Products

PPU 9mm ammunition

Once again we have bought another bulk shipment of PPU 9mm 124gn LRN so as to be able to provide
you the members with a substantial cost saving.
Usually sold over the counter for $30 a packet of 50.
We are pleased to be able to offer it to you at $375 for 1000 rounds (20 packets).
(Must be paid in full and cant be stored at the club)

Winchester 9mm Once fired brass

100 pk $10
3 kg $80 = (750 cases)
5 kg $110 = (1250 cases)
10 kg $190 = (2500 cases)

Starline 9mm brass

New packets of 100 pcs
Normally $40 Now $35 a pk

K Mags for 2011 Pistols

Get in now as the word is next
shipment will be more expensive.
$145 ea


Dimensions: 508W x 508D x 762H
Type: Up to Handgun
Weight: 150kg
Category: H
Only three left in stock
Normally $1335 Now $995


Looking for a new pistol or rifle, check out our range.
We also have second-hand guns.
If we don’t have it we can get it.

We also stock a large range of Dillon Reloading gear to help you make the perfect round and reduce your ammo costs.

Full range of Tigershark copper-coated projectiles in stock.

ADI Powders and other brands available.
Reloading ADI data here.

Are you aware that we are stockists of Spika Safes and Accessories.

SPIKA is an Australian-owned company that has quickly grown to become the shooter and hunter’s first choice for the ultimate in gun safes, clothing, and accessories. Our extensive range has been designed by SPIKA to bring you quality without compromise.

Spika strive to encourage and build safety in the firearms industry to bring peace-of-mind to our customers letting them get on and enjoy the benefits of hunting, the sport and the great outdoors throughout Australia and beyond.