Gold Coast Firearms Safety Courses

Queensland Training Centre is no longer associated with the Gold Coast Pistol Club.

To apply for a firearms licence in Queensland, applicants must have first successfully completed the NAT11029 Course in Firearms and Weapons Safety. Gold Coast Pistol Club is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO 45819) offering courses in the following categories:

NAT11029001 Demonstrate knowledge of firearms legislation, firearms and community safety

NAT11029002 Demonstrate use of Category A and B firearms lawfully, responsibly and safely

NAT11029003 Demonstrate use of Category C firearms lawfully, responsibly and safely

NAT11029004 Demonstrate use of Category D firearms lawfully, responsibly and safely

NAT11029005 Demonstrate use of Category H firearms lawfully, responsibly and safely

NAT11029006 Demonstrate use of Category M (Crossbows) lawfully, responsibly and safely

NAT11029007 Demonstrate use of Category M (Miscellaneous Weapons) lawfully, responsibly and safely

All enquirers please contact below

Phone: 07 5539 5984


Before you go further you may like to read the information linked below

Student information booklet

Course Handbook 2 Firearms Safety Guide

Course Handbook 3 Legislative Safety Requirements

Acquiring your firearms licence.

You may also wish to check out the Weapons-Licensing Branch

Finally, before engaging in any safety course you must fill in the student enrolment form. This is a legal requirement. for this to happen you must have a UNIQUE STUDENT IDENTIFIER (USI). Once you have your USI then use the link below to initiate the path to acquiring a firearms licence.