Gold Coast Firearms Safety Courses


Queensland Training Centre conducts weapons safety courses for Gold Coast Pistol Club for category A,B,C,D, H & M. Email Kate to have the reading material for the course emailed to you, or you can access QLD Training Centre here and download the reading for the course directly from this site.

You also need to get a unique student number, to do this you can go to or you can access the link to this site from Qld Training Centre. Please bring this number with you when you come to the course as this is the number you put in the Student Number section on the enrollment form.


Courses are held two Sundays each month at 10.00 am, but the course can be arranged at a time to suit you. The statement of attainment required for your weapons license is available either on the day or within 2 days after the completion of the course.

The next Sunday course is run from 10.00 am and Thursday courses from 6 pm over the space of around 3 and a half to 4 hours. We can email the reading material to you when you book in. We will also guide you through the application for your weapons license so that you do not have any problems with Weapons Licensing Branch by not completing the forms correctly. Cost for this course is $150.00 (cash please as we don’t have eftpos facilities for these courses) and it is a one day course

Queensland Training Centre guarantees to complete the training and assessment once the student has commenced study in this course.

GCPC is all about safety when it comes to the use and responsible ownership of a firearm. GCPC has teamed up with QUEENSLAND TRAINING CENTRE to deliver functional and informative firearm safety training courses held regularly at GCPC.

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