New Member Range School

Free instruction for new members in a range of shooting disciplines is held on Saturdays. Please be at the club by 8.15 am so you can sign in, purchase your ammunition and be ready for the 9.00 am start on the range 8. You must complete 3 of these range schools and be signed off by our range officers as safe and competent in basic handling skills. Then you may move on to the ‘Kindies’.

So what are “Kindy” Classes?

These ‘kindy’ classes are designed to familiarise new members with more advanced techniques and firearms used in the various shooting disciplines offered at the club.

We recommend that new members use the kindies to experience all of the shooting disciplines, trying their hand at each before choosing something that best suits their interests and abilities.

After gaining confidence in the kindy classes, new members can progress to shooting matches specific to that discipline. Shooters should be ready to move on to shooting matches after a maximum of three shoots in any kindy.

This allows new shooters the opportunity to try the different types of disciplines on kindy days while those who are gaining in experience can learn more and be coached while competing in proper matches.

When You’re Range Match Ready

The schedule of matches is set out in the range calendar. Once you have picked the discipline/s you would like to shoot you need to move to their matches as per the range calendar. These kindies are run by volunteers, and the only cost to the shooter is the ammunition. Kindies are intended only for new shooters.