Lets get dirty!

The term “Black Powder” refers to muzzle-loading pistols and revolvers, which employ a black-powder propellant, round or conical lead projectiles, and percussion caps. These are the type of pistols that existed in the 19th Century and many people find great fascination and satisfaction in this type of historically-based shooting.

Modern black powder pistols are well-made replicas of the original pistol type or can be of modern design made for black powder. A relatively large number of accessories are necessary for this type of shooting eg powder measures, starter rods, ramrods, cappers, nipple wrenches, cleaning equipment, and ball/bullet removal equipment.

Fortunately, all of these items are now readily available at gun dealers who handle this type of shooting. If you are a person who loves lots of gadgets and accouterments in your sport, don’t mind getting a bit dirty and would like to get the feel of shooting 100 years ago, then black powder may well be the shooting sport for you.

Tools of the trade

Firing a black powder pistol

Black powder is great fun to shoot so check out the club calendar and book in a lesson.