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Western Action at Gold Coast Pistol Club

 The Gamblers are a group of fun loving cowboy’s and cowgirl’s who enjoy the old west influences of history, novels and movies. Characters portrayed as settlers, saloon owners and girls, Marshal’s, outlaw’s are being rediscovered!

 At Gold Coast Pistol Club, The Gamblers are a SASS (Single Action Shooting Society) affiliated club. SASS serves as the governing and sanctioning body for affiliated clubs worldwide – ensuring safety and consistency of the sport. As SASS notes on its own website, (we too) share a common interest in preserving the history of the Old West and competitive shooting in a safe, fun, family-friendly environment.

 You will have the opportunity to meet cowboy’s and cowgirl’s from various walks of life, joining in the fun and watching – or better still, participating!! – at our club match twice a month. Come along, say hello and don’t be shy!

 We will show you the various types of firearms required and give you plenty of advice on holster setup, shotgun belts, gun cart’s before you make the purchases.

 There is also the ‘alias’. Everyone has an alias that means something to them, relates to a movie character, a person of infamous history etc! The possibilities are endless! We can advise you on where to check if your alias is available for your use and how to secure it.

 Costuming is a big part of our sport and can be done quite easily. Minimum dress is jeans, boots, long sleeve check shirt, and a cowboy hat. Get dressed to come watch and you will already feel a part of the posse!

 The Gamblers also have their own website linked to the Gold Coast Pistol Club, where we provide other information, other cowboy action matches across the country and other affiliate sites you will find useful.

 Check us out on www.thegamblerswedealinleadfriend.com

See y’all on the trail!

Kathouse Kelli
SASS Life/Regulator #72384
for The Gamblers

Originally posted 2019-07-04 18:10:08.