New Licence Applications Update

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JUNE 5th 2020
Dear Members


The Queensland Police Service has partnered with Australia Post to update the way new weapons license applications are lodged both online and in-person.

From 18 June 2020, new weapons license applications will be received via Australia Post.

As part of the new process, when applicants lodge a new license application online, they will need to go to their local participating Post Office to confirm their identity. For applications completed manually on a form downloaded from Weapons Licensing, applicants will be asked to attend a Post Office with the application form and supporting documentation for processing.

For areas where participating Post Offices are not available, such as some rural and remote communities, new weapons license applications can still be completed at police stations, however, we encourage the use of Australia Post outlets where-ever possible as this will assist with gaining business efficiencies and faster processing times in Weapons Licensing.

The Queensland Police Service is committed to data security and the protection of the applicant’s privacy. All information collected by Australia Post will be transmitted to the Queensland Police Service via secure file transfer protocols. Business rules and timelines have also been developed to ensure there is no retention of personal data by Australia Post beyond that required for digitizing applications, identity verification, and the transfer of information to Weapons Licensing for processing and case assessment.

All other weapons application types are to continue being lodged at Queensland police stations or on the Queensland Police Service website.

To enable the transition to this new system, the Weapons Applications Online (WAO) portal on the Queensland Police Service website will be offline from 5 June 2020 to 18 June 2020. All other online systems such as Permits to Acquire will remain accessible. Persons wishing to apply for a weapons application during this period of unavailability will be asked to manually complete an application form and lodge it via a police station for processing.

Weapons Licensing would appreciate this information regarding the WAO portal being offline for new license applications from 5 June 2020 being provided to your members.

ON behalf of Inspector D W BUST
Weapons Licensing

Kate Harper
GCPC Manager

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