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NOTICE TO MEMBERS as of 2.6.20

Great news. Restrictions have eased from 1.6.20. We are still restricted to 1 person for every 4 sq metres with 1.5 metre distancing.

If you are unwell or experiencing cold or flu symptoms please DO NOT ATTEND
If you are not prepared to socially distanced please DO NOT ATTEND

Range school reopens 13/6/20 for members who are due for their second or third shoot ONLY. Masks and sanatation equipment provided. You will be asked to let Range officers check your temperature and must follow safety processes.

“Try before you buy” will commence with limited numbers by bookings only from Sat 13th June 2020

You MUST BOOK (6 persons in 3 time slots 0900:1000:1100)

Licenced club members: only by booking still at this time. Call for a slot and you can swipe yourself through the main gate now. DONT attend without a booking please. If you make a range booking or book in for range school and can’t attend please advise the club so your slot can be allocated to someone else

Range 1 8 Persons
Range 2. 4 Persons
Range 3. 10 Persons
Range 4. 6 Persons
Range 5. 6 Persons
Range 6. 6 Persons
Range 7. 6 Persons
Range 8. 6 Persons
Airshed Open (Every second bay only. No more than 20 persons in total)

Steve Flori

May 20th 2020

Update :  Attendance by pre booking, licenced members only permitted. No visitors 

Please be reminded we have extensive CCTV which is monitored 

From 16.5.20- 31.5.20

Dealership open

Club shop open (no alcohol sales)

No arranged competitions (training and practice only)

Restrictions on pre-booked ranges as follows (1 person per 4 sq metres and 1.5m socially distanced, accountable range officer to ensure social distancing  to be nominated at time of booking):

Air shed closed

Range 1       3 persons

Range 2       2 persons

Range 3       3 persons

Range 4-8   2 persons

Range school closed at least until 13/6/20

N.B. Failure to comply will result in being asked to leave the property.

May 16th 2020

Dear Members 

The Club Dealership will be open from Saturday 16th May onwards.

If you are picking up items from the dealership it is by appointment only.

Please call Kate to arrange a time.

You can purchase ammunition, accessories, and firearms etc.

All ranges are by appointment only as well.

All ranges will remain on COVID19 Government rules with the social distancing of 1.5m required until further notice.

Please observe all social distancing requirements whilst in the club, while on the ranges and the surroundings.

April 13th 2020

The Club can now sell everything Except Guns, Powder and Ammunition. Firearm PTA’s received prior to 28th march can also be released. By appointment only.

March 25th 2020

Dear Members

GCPC is not immune to the measures imposed by the government that has seen the closure this week of licensed clubs and sporting venues across Australia in response to the coronavirus pandemic. We do realise that shooting may be the only activity some members undertake.

As a licensed venue, the clubhouse will be closed until further notice and all matches and organised activities have been suspended in line with the government’s social distancing requirements.

Licensed shooters, and licensed shooters accompanied by members of their immediate families only – that is, those who live together – will have access to the ranges within certain limits.

As the entrance gate from Edmund Rice Drive will be locked, it will be necessary to phone ahead to the club on 07 55395984 to book a range and then phone again on arrival at the gate to gain access.

It will be BYO food, drinks, and ALL equipment as nothing, including club guns, will be available.

Shooters must follow the usual sign-in procedures and follow all range rules and importantly observe social distancing to avoid the spread of COVID-19. Remember that all areas of the club are monitored by CCTV and any breaches will be noted.

These arrangements will in place for the next four weeks and then reviewed unless tighter restrictions are imposed by the government as the situation continues to evolve.

For those concerned about their match participation, Weapons Licensing Branch has relaxed its requirements from 1 March to 30 June, with details of pro-rata arrangements available here: Steve FloriPresidentGold Coast Pistol Club

Dear Members

Update 22.3.20.  Whilst the committee absorbs further restrictions announced by the PM this evening there are a few things that will apply with certainty : 

1. All air shed matches are suspended 

2. All Range school activities are suspended 

3. NRA for unlicensed shooters is suspended 

4. Social distancing of 1.5 metres between members is required at all locations at the club 

5. Club room gatherings are suspended (if re established with conditions you will be advised)

6. Members and visitors who are experiencing any symptoms of viral infection are NOT to attend the club

7. Members who have had direct contact with any person who is in isolation or is showing signs of viral infection are NOT to attend the club

IF you are a vulnerable person because of your health  please DO NOT attend the club

More will follow once the committee determines what is required of us


You are all aware of the pandemic our country is facing so let us also do our bit to ‘flatten the curve’ of new cases of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) so our health system can cope with the outbreak.


1. If you are feeling unwell, are experiencing any cold or flu-like symptoms eg a fever, sore throat and headache or have had contact with any person with these symptoms 

2. If you have recently returned to Australia from overseas in the past 14 days 

3. You are a vulnerable person in that you are suffering from an immune condition or other serious health conditions.  The club remains open, however, activities requiring contact closer than 1.5 metres between people i.e Unlicenced NRA shooters on Saturday on Range 7, Range school and ‘Try before you buy’ shoots have been suspended.  

Thank you for your cooperation. Your wellbeing and that of your fellow club members is our priority 

Steve FloriChief Range OfficerNROI Representative, Queensland

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